Take back your centers and small group time and keep your classroom running smoothly! The auto-timing, chiming, and switching slides will make the difference you are looking for. Centers game changer!


With my center rotation timers, you can stay put at your small group table so that you can focus your attention on your guided reading groups. These slides provide a clear horizontal visual with guidelines to show progress toward the end of the time. Only one set of groups/one rotation is posted at a time, which provides clear direction and less confusion that busy tables with many rotations. At the end of the time, a chime rings and the slide changes to the next rotation. No need to go over to your computer!


Rotation timers promote student independence and allow you to teach guided reading groups with an organized classroom in place. 


Your purchase includes:

10, 15, 20, and 30 minute options for 45 different templates for PowerPoint. All 45 templates are available in both visual and countdown versions, making 90 options total for each timing, 360 options in all. 


All text is now 100% editable and fonts are embedded in the file for easy editing. Clipart is not moveable to keep the clip-artist's work secure, however, there are now many options to allow for iPads, laptops/chromebooks, and headphone listening centers, and more! Some options are all text (no clipart) and completely customization. 


Want to learn more about Automatic Rotation Timers? Check out the file tour here to see exactly what you will get with your purchase!


**Please download the preview document for more specific information on what is included before purchasing. These are PowerPoint files and do NOT function properly on Google Slides or Keynote at this time.**


Thank you!


Casey Boehm







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Automatic Rotation Timers (PowerPoint)

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    • This version is designed for PowerPoint.
    • This product works best on PowerPoint 2016 and newer.
    • This product does work on earlier versions of PowerPoint, but it may or may not need an update in order to work properly. All versions of PowerPoint work a little differently. 
    • Organize and Educate is willing to help with these updates if you fill out the customer service form. We are able to accomate timer fixes from PowerPoint 2007-the current version.